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Loving God, loving people, making disciples

There were some counties is southern Oregon and northern California who decided that they had had enough, respectively, of Salem and Sacramento and they were going to form their own state. There are an awful lot of people who live down there today who still think that's a good idea. I know some people in Clackamas County who still think that would be a good idea. Most of us who live on this side of I-205, or something.

There was a lot wrapped up in the ideas of Jefferson statehood. And there's a lot wrapped up in it today. I mean, there are some people who really honestly think that this is a good idea still, and I might very honestly consider myself one of them.

It's about freedom. It's about freedom from the politics as usual in both Salem and Sacramento. I'm not here to talk about politics today...

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Parsonage building project update:

The siding is here. Come on down and help us get some prep work done this Saturday. The siding will be going on the house next Saturday, March 26.

God's provision has been truly amazing! The entire project is being done bit by bit as the funds, tools and materials come in. Thank you so much to the faithful people who have been putting their time, energy and resources into getting this accomplished!

Would you like to see what we're doing? We have a great photo gallery with pictures from the first excavation cut to the latest work. As you view the gallery, would you please pray with us for the Lord to provide the materials and manpower we need, that He might be glorified in this undertaking? This is more about building people than it is about building a house.

Feel free to visit our Tuesday morning art class. More of an "open studio" time than a formal class. If you’ve ever thought about oil painting or drawing, this is a great way to try it out. It's completely free and open to anyone interested.

Come join us for Dinner and Bible Study every Tuesday evening.


Thank you to all of the volunteers who give up so much of their time and resources to keep things running smoothly here!

We would love to get to know you.  Come and visit us sometime.  

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